The Best SaferVPN Alternatives In 2019

SaferVPN is one of the fastest VPN providers on the web. Due to the size of the provider, however, bottlenecks can occasionally occur, so it makes sense to look for better alternatives. We have created a list of VPN providers where you can buy VPN access at a low price. All providers are secure and do not store any IP logs.
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  • NordVPN
    One of the best and fastest VPN providers. Prices in the annual subscription are extremely low.
  • ProtonVPN
    VPN provider based in Switzerland. Serious and without IP logs.
  • ExpressVPN
    Small, fast VPN provider with over 160 locations.
  • VPNhub
    VPN provider of Pornhub. The best provider if you like to consume porn.
  • PrivateVPN
    Very new VPN provider with headquarters in Sweden. No IP logs.