VPN Services
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  • SaferVPN
    Cheap offerer already starting from 2,50 euro in the month. Server on all continents.
  • NordVPN
    One of the best and fastest VPN providers. Prices in the annual subscription are extremely low.
  • ProtonVPN
    VPN provider based in Switzerland. Serious and without IP logs.
  • ExpressVPN
    Small, fast VPN provider with over 160 locations.
  • VPNhub
    VPN provider of Pornhub. The best provider if you like to consume porn.
  • PrivateVPN
    Very new VPN provider with headquarters in Sweden. No IP logs.

Best VPN Services

Would you like to surf the net safely and anonymously without leaving any traces on your Internet provider? Then a VPN is the best way to protect your anonymity. Whether file sharing or calling up porn sites - VPNs ensure that nobody knows your real IP address. You surf the entire web encrypted and anonymously.

How does a VPN work?

The functionality of a VPN is relatively simple. All your internet traffic is routed over a separate connection. You connect to the VPN server and the VPN server connects to the server you want to connect to. Let's take an example. If you call YouPorn via a VPN, you are not connecting directly to YouPorn. The VPN server switches between you and YouPorn. This means that YouPorn will never see your real IP address, only the VPN's IP address. At the same time, all data traffic runs through the VPN server. So your internet provider does not see that you have called YouPorn or which video you have watched. 

No IP logs

Most VPN providers do not store IP addresses on their servers. This means that you can access all web pages on the network without worrying about being traced by your IP address. All websites you connect to only see the IP address of the VPN. If someone contacts the VPN provider and wants to know who called a particular website at a particular time, they cannot provide any information because the VPN provider itself did not store the IP address that was connected to the VPN server at the time. You are completely anonymous.

Avoid legal problems

Another advantage of VPN providers is that you can easily use file sharing programs. Services like BitTorrent are finally safe to use again, because your real IP address never gets out to the public. So lawyers don't have the option of suing you for shared movies, programs, or songs. If you like to stream movies, of course you shouldn't miss a VPN, because the respective hosters may store your IP address. 

Bypass GEO blocking

Do you know the situation? You want to visit a website but can't access it because it's not available in your country? Then you have become a victim of GEO blocking. Many content providers block users from other countries because they don't have a license for that country to offer content legally. If you use a VPN provider, you can easily bypass GEO blocking. Simply choose a VPN server from a country that is activated for the respective website. Then you have the possibility to access the blocked content without any problems. Many users use a VPN provider, e.g. for Netflix or YouTube, to access certain content.

VPN providers are extremely inexpensive

A VPN is not really expensive. Depending on your subscription, you will get access for as little as 3 dollars a month. This is quite cheap, if you consider that all your internet traffic is encrypted and anonymized. In addition to the price, you should of course also make sure that the provider has enough servers, because you are not the only user who uses the bandwidth.